Welcome to ICT Health Support!

Patrik Åvestrand, CEO ICT Health Support

Photo: Fredrik Fransson

ICT is a Nordic health service provider, with headquarters in Ljusdal, Sweden, registered by the
Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.
Our staff of some 50 nurses, administrators, pharmacists, and other specialists help our
customers to gain better results in their own business lines.
Our customers are pharma companies, medtech companies, as well as healthcare operators.
We operate in the following business areas:


Medical customer support and support center:

  • Medical information
  • Patient adherence programs
  • Support services for pharmacies
  • Support services for clinical trials
  • Information and support services to healthcare professionals
Mobile Care

Mobile nurses for:

  • Information and training services in the residential and at clinic
  • Motivation and follow-up programs
  • Training and support services to healthcare professionals
  • Modern health controls
  • Extra resources at clinic

Turn key provider:

  • Security data systems
  • QPPV
  • Writing SOP’s
  • Master file (PSMF)
  • Report
  • CT PV part
  • Writing PSURs and DSURs
  • Preparation for inspections
Global Projects

Thanks to our international network, we can manage any global project that stretches outside our own homemarket; the Nordic region.

Please contact Patrik Åvestrand for further information, cellphone +46-70-204-3227

Legal name: ICTHS Health Support AB

VAT: SE556555401001